IFPRI Seeking Senior Researcher to Lead Resilience Research

Following the 2020 conference on “Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security” and the identification of “Building Resilience” as one of six research areas in IFPRI’s 2013-2018 Strategy, IFPRI aims to develop an integrated resilience research program that will help fill important gaps in resilience research.

Summary Report Now Available

The Summary Report is now available from the November 3 workshop to develop IFPRI’s resilience research agenda.

Experts meet to discuss IFPRI’s resilience research agenda

On November 3, 2014, resilience practitioners and experts gathered at IFPRI for a workshop to help develop IFPRI’s resilience research agenda.

Highlights from Conference Brief 8- Resilience: a primer

Resilience, a term once reserved for such fields as ecology and psychology, is now being referenced in international development circles. Does it add anything new and useful to development theory and practice or is it simply more jargon?   IFPRI senior research fellow John Hoddinott prefaces his conference brief with a definition of resilience in >> Read more

Tough Love: Making Resilience Meaningful

Our guest author, Jon Kurtz, Director for Research and Learning for Mercy Corps, continues our series of blog articles on resilience published in partnership with Farming First ahead of the conference “Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security” 15-17 May 2014.   Resilience has an Achilles’ heel: By being all things, it risks being nothing new.   Resilience casts >> Read more