Highlights from Conference Brief 9: Pastoralism and Resilience South of the Sahara

Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa face five big challenges to their resilience: They are losing land to farmers, irrigation, tourism, and land investments by outside investors. Conflict and violence have disrupted livelihoods and markets and increased vulnerability during drought. Population growth has put heavy pressure on land resources. Among pastoralists, there are large differences >> Read more

Reframing Resilience for Pastoralists: Coping with drought matters, but is not the only thing that matters

  Leading up to the 2020 Conference, Farming First in partnership with IFPRI has initiated a series of guest blog posts on resilience. In this first post, Lance Robinson, an environmental governance and resilience specialist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), reflects on what resilience means for pastoralists in the context of drought emergencies.