Knowledge Fair Participant Poll: Day 3 Results

1. If you had $1 million to allocate to only one resilience capacity-building activity, which of these would you try to improve? 2. In your opinion, will the world be more resilient to shocks by the year 2020?

Knowledge Fair Participant Poll: Day 2 Results

1. Is resilience a useful concept or just a buzzword in development? (Yes= resilience is useful concept; No= resilience is buzzword)                                 2. How far along is your organization in adopting a resilience lens in its strategy and operation?

Knowledge Fair Participant Poll: Day 1 Results

1. Which of these shocks poses the single, biggest threat to poor people's food and nutrition security?                                             2. Is there a difference between resilience and vulnerability?

2020 Conference officially underway

The 2020 Conference on "Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security" officially kicked off in Addis Ababa this morning with the first round of side events. The three-day event, which is being attended by more than 800 experts and practitioners from food, nutrition, health, agriculture, humanitarian, and related development sectors, aims to incorporate resilience into >> Read more

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