Archives for June 2014

Rapporteur Notes Now Available from Parallel Sessions

Session notes from rapporteurs are now available for 2020 Conference parallel sessions on May 16 and 17. Explore these notes to read more about the key points and discussions from each session.

Side Event Videos Now Available

Videos from the 2020 Conference side events are now available! Explore the 21 side events to watch videos of individual speakers or the full sessions.

Farming First June Newsletter Features 2020 Conference and Resilience Resources

Farming First’s June 2014 newsletter features several outputs from its partnership with IFPRI for the 2020 Conference including an animated infographic series, a summary of the #2020Resilience Twitter chat, guest blog posts from resilience experts, and highlights from the communicators’ workshop held prior to the 2020 Conference in Addis Ababa.

2020 Conference Feedback Survey Results

The results of the feedback survey for the 2020 conference are in!