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Videos of Conference Sessions Now Available

Videos from the 2020 Conference sessions are now available!

IFPRI Director General Reflects on Resilience following the 2020 Conference

Following the 2020 Conference, Shenggen Fan, Director General of IFPRI, reflects on building resilience for food and nutrition security in his latest post on IFPRI’s DG Corner blog.

Highlights from Conference Brief 11: Gender, Shocks, and Resilience

Households in developing countries rely on a variety of strategies to cope with shocks. While the importance of social safety nets in protecting impoverished households is widely accepted, the role of gender, in underlying vulnerabilities and response to shocks, remains largely ignored. In their 2020 Conference Brief Gender, Shocks, and Resilience, IFPRI’s Neha Kumar and >> Read more

Knowledge Fair Participant Poll: Day 3 Results

1. If you had $1 million to allocate to only one resilience capacity-building activity, which of these would you try to improve? 2. In your opinion, will the world be more resilient to shocks by the year 2020?

Day Three in Photos

The way forward for building resilience for ending hunger and malnutrition

Resilience is much more than the latest buzzword in development. It has real and practical meaning and application in our work, and will play a key role in bridging the divide between short-term relief and long-term development goals.   In his closing remarks IFPRI Director General Shenggen Fan shared lessons learned from the conference and >> Read more

Highlights from Conference Brief 2: Enhancing resilience for food security in refugee-hosting communities

In 2012, the world was home to about 28 million people who had fled their home region or country, and most of these people were hosted in developing countries. These refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) have tended to be the focus of publicity and relief efforts—but what happens to the resilience and food security >> Read more

Day Two in Photos

Highlights from Conference Brief 9: Pastoralism and Resilience South of the Sahara

Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa face five big challenges to their resilience: They are losing land to farmers, irrigation, tourism, and land investments by outside investors. Conflict and violence have disrupted livelihoods and markets and increased vulnerability during drought. Population growth has put heavy pressure on land resources. Among pastoralists, there are large differences >> Read more

Knowledge Fair Participant Poll: Day 2 Results

1. Is resilience a useful concept or just a buzzword in development? (Yes= resilience is useful concept; No= resilience is buzzword)                                 2. How far along is your organization in adopting a resilience lens in its strategy and operation?